Hi, my name is Alex

I like to build web stuff.
I mostly write PHP, HTML, SCSS/CSS, JavaScript.
Need a developer for your WordPress plugin, website, project?
Talk to me.


I don’t have a degree in CS and never took a class on it. In fact, I hold degrees in history and political science, but I’ve never worked in the field.
I started programming in the late 2000s, mostly because I was annoyed with the degree of digitalization in my field or the lack thereof.
After working in different positions in online agencies, I started freelancing full-time in early 2016. I’ve been working in web development for over ten years, yet, consider myself a naïve programmer.

In my spare time I like to ride bicycles and go for hikes. I also play the bass.



My dynamic image-resizing/-optimization solution ResizeFly is still in the back of my head as a standalone product. The base plugin and some add-ons are used in production on several sites I have built for clients already, with hundreds of thousands image requests every month. The next steps will be to figure out if there is a niche for this in WordPress as more and more hosting providers ship image optimization, how to structure the plugin (one pro plugin vs a freemium model), if I can get away with only with only maintaining actively supported PHP versions and of course pricing.

WordPress libraries

Over the past years I’ve put common and recurring functionality in libraries for WordPress of which the assets handling and the template loader are my favorites to work on.