ResizeFly—dynamic Image Resizing in WordPress

As a follow-up to my last article I have been working on my ResizeFly plugin, that dynamically resizes images with the use of modern, built-in WordPress functions. To achieve the task of dynamically resizing images there are a couple of options both in the plugin repository and on and here. I have to admit that I did not try all of them (although I try to have a look at each one), but I have used several different techniques in the past to achieve dynamic and responsive images.

I’d specifically like to point out the following plugin Dynamic Image Resizer, a proof of concept by its author Samuel Wood (Otto). Another plugin I’d like to mention is Fly Dynamic Image Resizer, it has a lot of great features, what I don’t like about it though is that you have to use the plugin’s functions (e.g. fly_get_attachment_image_src) to resize your images.

ResizeFly on the other hand tries to be invisible – to the user at least – and only resize the images in the background once they have been requested. A part of the motivation was to not have to manually resizes your media library after changing themes for example.

Several add-ons to ResizeFly are planned: the first will be LazyFly for lazy loading the images and "True Responsive Images". The latter tries to completely refrain from predefined image sizes and present the visitor the perfect image for their current screen size and resolution.

I am looking for beta testers for both add ons, to either give me feedback or maybe write a review about the plugin(bundle). If you are interested in either, get in touch on twitter and take the ResizeFly plugin for a test spin today.