The Art of Command Line

Nice todo list for getting better at "The Art of Command Line". It’s an article worth coming back to from time to time. I have recently mastered text manipulation shortcuts (in ZSH):

In Bash, use ctrl-w to delete the last word, and ctrl-u to delete the content from current cursor back to the start of the line. Use alt-b and alt-f to move by word, ctrl-a to move cursor to beginning of line, ctrl-e to move cursor to end of line, ctrl-k to kill to the end of the line, ctrl-l to clear the screen.

There are a couple more that I’ve remembered to muscle memory, like

ALT + d
delete the word to in front of cursor
ALT + a
send current command (Enter)
CTRL + h
delete char behind cursor (Backspace)
CTRL + d
delete char in front of cursor (Delete)