PHPStorm Bookmarks/Annotations, Phone Numbers, Remote Communication

I haven’t used bookmarks a ton in PHPStorm. After reading this article and toying with it a bit, I should use it more in the future. (Not a big fan of the F11/Shift + F11 keyboard shortcut though, I’ll have to see if I can find a better one).

PHPStorm array PHPDoc Annotations

Dear domain registrars, don’t assume phone numbers for your customers can accept texts. Some businesses have landlines. Provide other options for verification.

After having moved my phone number to plan where I can make and take international calls, but no SMS (at least not yet), it was excruciating to see how many problems this causes. E.g., platforms that will send you a one-time token to your phone number to change your phone number(sic!).

I wish more employers (especially the ones employing freelancers) paid more attention to these basic principles of remote work: (unrolled:

I’ve rarely worked for someone who had the communication/different channels for different type of communication down.