XML Sitemaps WordPress, Multi-language Software, Complexity in CLI

XML Sitemaps for WordPress seem to be very hard. In my own projects and most client projects I’ve worked on we always ended up custom coding the sitemaps because neither SEO plugins (Yoast, The SEO Framework) nor XML Sitemap Plugins (Google XML Sitemaps) have adequate filters/settings to bend them far enough.

When building a multi language system (CMS, framework, website, etc.) make sure your first language is "dev". Everytime you change an origin string every translation has to change that string. That also means, when you change a typo in the original, every translation has to update their strings even if the translation did not include the typo.

By English being the lingua franca of our times (and our dev communities), en_US usually also is the primary language of any application.

Growing complexity of command line options: https://danluu.com/cli-complexity/

If you open up a manpage for ls on mac, you’ll see that it starts with

ls [[email protected]] [file ...]

That is, the one-letter flags to ls include every lowercase letter except for {jvyz}, 14 uppercase letters, plus @ and 1. That’s 22 + 14 + 2 = 38 single-character options alone.