Quarantine Work vs Remote Work, Static business

Quarantine work is not remote work! Not putting on (proper) pants is a positive of working from home, filling your days with video meetings and continually being available per phone, Slack, e-mail, etc. aren’t.

Asynchronous communication and using the correct channels for different types of communication are the most important thing. If a client forces me to work synchronously on their schedule and be available for questions during their workday—even though I might be in a different time zone—they’re not going to be my client for long. I desperately hope these trends don’t spill over into my remote work, as I’m already having a hard time with too much noise and poorly written specifications.

There are several asynchronous, remote-first companies out there: GitHub or Basecamp immediately come to mind.

Don’t depend on a few (or even only a single) clients. Even though this article speaks more to a product than a consulting business or freelancers, I think it is essential to always keep in mind not to get zdependent on too few customers. If you look at your freelance business today and say, "I can’t afford to lose that client," you should make an effort to diversify immediately and break free from that client.

And if you don’t follow their money with your effort, an exodus of just one or two big customers could seriously impact your bottom line.