Switching from Linux to Windows

I got a bit annoyed with Arch Linux updates constantly breaking my graphics card and/or driver. Once a week it was XServer not starting due to an Nvidia update, once a month it was impossible to have mixed DPI monitors (which I just happen to have). So I switched to Windows 10 with the promise of the best of both worlds with WSL2. Turns out the Windows UI is uglier than Gnome. Mixed DPI and app scaling isn’t any better. Fonts still look horrible on non-4K displays in Windows. The dark mode in Windows just looks wrong (and the light mode is too bright).

The only thing so far that’s better—it’s actually working compared to Arch—is the Nvidia card. Offloading to the Intel chip and preserving a lot of battery in doing so is working. I can share my screen in applications without X crashing.