Journey to WCEU 2022

At the time of writing, WordCamp Europe 2022 is 41 days away. It will be the first WordCamp I attend since late 2019—not that many happened after this, anyway. After WordCamp Europe in Berlin 2019—where I was on the local organizing team, WordCamp Stuttgart was the last one I attended. I travelled to Bangkok for WordCamp Asia in early 2020, but it was the first(?) to be canceled due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Many things have changed since then; for the world at large and for me personally. Today I started my journey towards Porto, and this year it will be a lot slower than simply hopping on an airplane: I will travel there by bike. Well, at least partly, I decided to forgo the Austrian Alps and instead start the tour in Verona, Italy.

Getting to the train station this morning was the only appointment time I had for, hopefully, the next five weeks. I will ride when I want to ride, I’ll work when I feel like working, I’ll add a rest day when I need one. My only goal is to arrive in Porto in time for WCEU 2022 on June 2.

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