Privacy Policy


All information, texts, images etc. on this website are provided by me, Alexander Goller.
Your privacy is important to me. If you have any concerns or questions how I handle your data, please contact me at [email protected].


Local Storage Use for Theme Preferences

We utilize local storage technology to enhance your user experience by saving your preference for our website’s visual theme.

Data Stored: When you select a visual theme (light or dark mode) on our website, we save your preference under the key theme in your browser’s local storage. This preference is only used to apply your preferred theme automatically when you visit our website.

Use of Data: The theme value stored in your local storage is exclusively used for the purpose of maintaining a consistent visual experience on our website according to your preference. This information is stored locally on your device and is not transmitted to our servers or shared with any third parties.

Your Privacy: The use of local storage for theme preference is a functionality-based choice, not aimed at tracking or analyzing user behavior. Therefore, it does not impact your privacy beyond improving your website experience. No personal or identifiable information is stored or processed through this method.

Please note that you can manage and delete local storage data through your browser settings if you wish to remove your theme preference.

Local Cookies

If you visit our login page, we will set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.


We use Cloudflare to enhance the security and performance of our website. Cloudflare acts as a content delivery network (CDN), which means it caches content from our website on servers located around the world. This allows users to load pages from our website more quickly.

Data Collection and Processing: Cloudflare may collect information about your interactions with our website, including IP addresses, system configuration information, and other information about traffic to and from our website. This information is used to provide services such as analytics and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection for our website.

Cloudflare Web Analytics

We also use Cloudflare Web Analytics to understand how our website is used. This service provides insights into website traffic without using cookies or requiring end users to change their browser settings.

What Data is Collected: Cloudflare Web Analytics collects metrics about your visit, including time spent on the website, pages visited, and the website from which you came. This data is collected in aggregate form and does not identify you personally.

Use of Data: The data collected through Cloudflare Web Analytics is used solely for the purpose of understanding and analyzing web traffic to improve our website. This information helps us make informed decisions about how to provide a better user experience for visitors to our website.

Data Protection: We are committed to ensuring the protection of your personal information. The data collected by Cloudflare is processed in accordance with their privacy policy and applicable laws. We do not share this information with third parties except as necessary to comply with the law or protect our rights.

For more information about Cloudflare’s privacy practices, please visit Cloudflare’s website:

This section of our Privacy Policy is subject to updates. Please revisit it periodically to stay informed about how we are using these technologies to enhance your online experience.

Giscus Commenting System

We have integrated the Giscus commenting system on our website to facilitate community discussions. Giscus is a system that leverages GitHub’s discussions feature, allowing users to comment on our content by using their GitHub accounts.

How It Works: To post a comment through the Giscus system, you must be logged into your GitHub account. Comments are then stored in a GitHub repository as issues or discussion posts and displayed on our website through the Giscus integration.

Data Collection and Processing: By using Giscus, your comments, along with your GitHub username and profile picture, will be visible on our website and associated with the content you’re commenting on. Additionally, Giscus may collect and process technical data such as your IP address and browser type to ensure the functionality of the commenting system.

Use of Data: The primary purpose of collecting this data is to facilitate community interaction and discussion related to our content. The data is processed and stored by GitHub as governed by their privacy policy. We do not use this data for marketing purposes or share it with any third parties without your explicit consent, except where required by law.

GitHub’s Role: It’s important to note that the Giscus system acts as a bridge between our website and GitHub’s services. Therefore, your interaction with the Giscus commenting system is also subject to GitHub’s terms of service and privacy policy. We encourage you to review these documents to understand how GitHub handles your personal information.

For more information on Giscus privacy practices, you can visit their website: and

We reserve the right to moderate and/or remove any comments that violate our website’s code of conduct or terms of service. This section of our Privacy Policy will be updated as necessary to reflect changes in our use of the Giscus commenting system.