Tutzinger Hütte–Lenggries

I decided to leave the Tutzinger Hütte without breakfast and instead eat the Chia pudding I had prepared the night before.

I started going around Benediktenwand to the east and was exhausted and gasping for air right away. To make things worse, there was more and more snow on the way, I had to walk through.

I decided to take the smaller—and more challenging—path over the Achselköpfe anyhow. That’s three peaks in quick succession as high as 1710 m.

View from the first of the Achselköpfe to the second with Latschenkopf and Kirchstein in the background
Achselköpfe with Benediktenwand in the background

A minor incident occurred while I was walking over a snow field. Although I always stayed in someone else’s steps I suddenly broke through the snow and “fell” roughly 1,5 m, luckily my other leg was not stuck in the hole and I managed to pull myself out.

Leaving the Achselköpfe I made my way to Latschenkopf peak at 1712 m. Pretty much next to it is the Vorderer Kirchstein (1670 m) which I quickly climbed. It was blustery on both peaks and some gusts were actually so strong they pushed me back a couple of feet, so I did not stay too long.

View from Latschenkopf
From Guffertspitze to the left – Zugspitze in the middle – and Benediktenwand to the right.

The next and last peak for the day was Brauneck (1554 m) looking over Lenggries. Although I passed over two other peaks (Stangeneck & Schrödelstein) on the way, I didn’t really notice since there were no signs or crosses. After I had some late lunch at Brauneck, I decided against taking a cable care down to Lenggries. Which I should have done because the descent was on rocky mountain roads heading down the downhill skiing slope. There was a lot of slipping and sliding.

Overlooking Lenggries from Brauneck

In Lenggries I finally made it to a supermarket and got the first fresh vegetables in three days and although it added to the weight of my backpack I bought some carrots, peppers and apples for the coming days.

River Isar in Lenggries