Cremona – Pavia

Going from Cremona to Pavia was another easy ride. The weather was fine for the most part—there was some rain and wind for a while in the afternoon.

Farm road heading towards the Apennines with threatening rain clouds

I mostly rode along Po River again, sometimes on the Via Francigena Passing through Piacenza was great. The moment I got to the outskirts, the sun came out, so I made a break and had a coffee on the Piazza Duomo and rode a quick circle around the city center. Even though, I see many things, there is not a lot of sightseeing on the bike.

View over Po River from a bridge with abandoned boats on a sandbank
Picture of my loaded touring bike with the Apennins and rain clouds in the background
Po River in Pavia with Ponte Coperto in the background and a ship in the foreground

I rode through the Western and Southern outskirts of Pavia, but unfortunately did not see much of the city. I did ride across the Ponte Coperto—which is the most famous landmark, I suppose—on the way to my hotel for the night, which was in a commercial area in the south of Pavia.

Map of my ride from Cremona to Pavia
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