Duruelo de la Sierra – Aranda de Duero

If it hadn’t been for the wind, this stage might have been one of the most enjoyable of the whole trip. There was a decent amount of climbing early on and a long descent 50-60 km into today’s destination—Aranda de Duero. The roads were in excellent shape, mostly smooth surface, little to no traffic in most parts. On one of the climbs, I thought back to the first mountains I had to go over on my route—the Apennine Mountains—and how hard it was for me to ride anything and how much I pushed my bike. Granted that there are no 16-21% slopes where I’m currently riding, I have greatly increased my climbing tolerance and found better ways to approach a long climb with this much added weight.

View over vast hills and forests, blue skies with very little clouds. Road guard railing in the foreground
My bike standing next to the road in the pine forest on a mountain

Even though, I carried as much liquid as I could in the morning, I ran out of water; there was one option to refill the bottles early on and then nothing for a long time—I might have missed one gas station. I tried multiple fountains in village squares, unfortunately, none of them worked. When I finally got into a slightly bigger village with a supermarket, it was already siesta, and they were closed as well. Luckily, there was a Bar around the corner and I could replenish.

Strava map for my ride from Duruelo de la Sierra to Aranda de Duero
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I got into Aranda de Duero fairly early and was able to take a walk around the town in the evening.

View down a narrow street in Aranda de Duero, church steeple at the end of the road
Main facade of Iglesia de Santa María la Real

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