Lézignan-Corbières – Le Boulou

Instead of continuing going north along the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean, I decided to take a sharp turn south and go around the Pyrenees to the east. Another aspect that fed into the decision was that a group of friends told me to come visit them for a few days. Shortly after leaving Lézignan-Corbières the landscape changed drastically from flat and lush grassland to dry foothills with snow-covered mountains lurking on the horizon.

Shot down a grapevine with poppies to either side of the row
Road winding up a hill in the Roussillan

Unfortunately, my temporary puncture fix from the previous day did not hold up, and it burst on two consecutive climbs. I was able to fix it well enough to hold sufficient pressure that allowed me to roll into Perpignan and get the tire exchanged again. Luckily, this bike shop had my original tire in stock, and they were kind enough to replace it right away.

Photo of my rear tire above showing the burst temporary fix and sealant leaking out of it
Interior of a bike shop in Perpignan, showing jerseys and helmets in the foreground and bikes in the background
New rear tire on the bike standing in a park

The day ended in Le Boulou in Pays Catalan, just 10 km away from the Spanish border, with a great view of Pic du Canigou.

A road winding down the hill in the foreground, view over Roussillan plains and Pic du Canigou in the background
Map of my ride from Lézignan-Corbières to Le Boulou
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