Mantua – Cremona

Following an ample breakfast, I got to the Po River after just a few kilometers and pretty much followed along the river for most of the day. This was an absolutely flat stage, most of the riding done up on a levee next to the river. I followed the EuroVelo 8 for a big part of the day.

Photograph of a EuroVelo 8 map along Po River
Curch with palm tree in Lombardy
City hall in Casalmaggiore

The route led me through many nice towns along the way, since this was a Saturday, often with markets in the main square. After a bit over 100 km, I got to my hotel south of Cremona just before it started raining.

Map of bike ride from Mantua to Cremona

Watch the reel for this stage on Instagram and check out the route on Strava.