Solsona – Lleida

Finally, I was able to catch a rather early morning and left my hotel around 9:30. I hadn’t been too good at this the previous days. From Solsona, I headed west, and took the last small climb before descending into flatter lands beyond the Pyrenees again.

Looking northeast back on the foothills of the Pyrenees. A road winding up a hill in the foreground with some houses in the middleground. Bright sun and clear blue skies.
Tarmac and a guard railing in the forground. Flat lands below until the horizon. Clear blue skies.
My bike perched against a tree in the Plaça d'Anselm Clavé in Tàrrega

Even though I descended a net 500 meters overall on the day, it was riddled with many small counter climbs. Initially, I had my day planned to Mollerussa, but my legs were feeling good, so I added 30 km to go into Lleida instead. There was a bit of wind, especially later in the day, on very long straights leading into Lleida.

Rio Segre in Lleida, taken from a bridge in the middle of the river trees and buildings can be seen on both banks and another bridge in the distance
Hotel room with my bike in the walkway
Map of my ride from Solsona to Lleida
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