Brünnsteinhaus – Vorderkaiser­feldenhütte

Today I left Mangfallgebirge and headed into Kaisergebirge. The first third of the way was a moderate descend on gravel roads through a forest. After 2.5 hours I arrived in Kiefersfelden—the first town I passed through in five days. Since it’s been a Sunday, unfortunately I could not shop for groceries.

Whereas the way through Kiefersfelden was really nice along Kieferbach, the way through Kufstein—the Austrian part of the twin towns—was rather tedious, I had to walk 5 km up Inn River to get to a bridge just to walk 3 km back the same way—only on the other side of the river. At the end of Kufstein there is a parking space where everyone starts their tour up Kaisertal.

Inn River with Zahmer Kaiser

The first part of the trail were steps—really exhausting after already five hours of walking. And then it turned into a hiking-highway—steep and broad gravel road with a lot of hiking traffic all the way up to Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte. Not my preferred type of trail.

Wilder Kaiser
Looking back over Kufstein and Inntal

There were only four people staying at the hut, and it was a quiet evening. After some time the staff started sitting with us, we had a couple of beers and a really nice time.