Gufferthütte – Taubensteinhaus

In the morning the weather was fantastic—no clouds at all, and I started making my way back from Rofan to Mangfallgebirge. Criss-crossing the Tyrolean-Bavarian border several times.

Schinder (Trausnitz)—today’s milestone

After descending to 1000 m I made my way up to 1808 m high Schinder. The first part of the way was quite nice though really hot. Passing through forests and pastures. The second part was an entirely different story however: A very steep climb, at times secured with a rope. Unfortunately, parts of the rope were ripped out of the rock. I am glad that I did not have to descend at this location—which would have been quite complicated and dangerous.

View into Schinderkar

Since there were no clouds, the view from Schinder was overwhelming. You could see all the way into the Alpenhauptkamm.

After again descending all the way to 900 m I got pretty tired. The day before had been really long with 8 hours of walking and the sun was burning all day. But due to overbooked huts I still had quite some way to go. The next two hours I walked through a valley along the river Rote Valepp all the way to Spitzingsee. And then made my way up to Taubenstein and Taubensteinhaus where I would spend the night.

View from Taubenstein back over Schinder to Guffert

What was supposed to be a “convenient” climb turned out to be really exhausting. Twice I was searching for a path that was in my map but nowhere to be seen, and I had to use GPS to guide me through muddy pastures. My feet and knees really started hurting now—and I was more than relieved to arrive at Taubensteinhaus after 10 hours of hiking on the day.