Berga – Solsona

I immediately did not feel like cycling after getting on the bike. I had snoozed my alarm for a good 45 minutes before I got up, which was the first indicator that this was not going to be a record day, as I’m usually awake before my alarm rings. Nevertheless, I headed west from Berga through thick pine forest, lush meadows, always having stunning Pyrenean cliffs to my right.

View north from Solsona with old farms in the middleground and Pyrenean hills in the background

I don’t think any part of the day was flat, it was either going up or down. No steep climbs, long relaxing descents, rolling hills through Catalonia. After a nice lunch break on the river leading to the Sant Ponç dam, I got to Solsona early in the afternoon. Since the options for accommodation further west were not great, I decided to call it a day, roll to a cheap hotel in the city and get some rest for hopefully a better day tomorrow.

My bike leaned against a tree along Cardener river hills with pine trees in the background
Font de la plaça de Sant Joan in Solsona with the sun peaking through a tree behind it
Look down a narrow street in Solsona, a few people walking down the street

After a shower and taking care of my laundry, I went for a walk through the beautiful Solsona old town. It’s a remarkable Nucli antic, with narrow dark walkways, almost no car traffic, the fortification walls intact, and an overall fascinating architecture.

Picture up a house wall with a balcony with many plants on the first floor
Picture up a house wall with a balcony with many plants on the first floor
Map of my ride from Berga to Solsona
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